Kala Nagri Garba Mahotsav

Kala Nagri Garba Mahotsav of Vadodara is an elite Garba of Vadodara to reinforce the cultural & traditional values of our glorious ethos back to the society, especially to the youth of this generation.

The efforts are to establish VADODARA as the Cultural Capital of Gujarat and more importantly THE GARBA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.
Baroda is a city which hosts some of the finest and high profile Garba’s which gets attended by lacs of people each year. Continuing it’s Golden Glory, Kala Nagri Cultural Foundation is all set to produce one of the Biggest Garba of Baroda which is full of music, dance, entertainment,  sound, lights, delicious food, recreation & lots of entertainment.

In nut-shell, Vadodara is all set to experience the most thrilling & breathtaking Garba of this decade.

The key aspect is to take extreme care of participants in terms of décor, performances, sound, lights,  infrastructure, amenities, safety, security & hygiene.






3-D Mapping to showcase the Glory of Vadodara


Innovative Selfie Zones


Dust free Parking


Extensive Food Court


Kids Zone & Kids Garba


RFID Based Entry System


Free Make-up for Girls


Theme Pavilion


Exciting Prizes & Gifts

Refund for Girls Garba Players @ Kala Nagri Garba Mahotsav 2018

Dear Participants,


The refund process for Girls  Garba Players will commence from 23rd October 2018. Please bring the copy of your I-Card, RFID Band and acknowledgement slip for quick and smooth processing of your payment.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only one applicant can register himself/herself for the event while filling a form and maximum 10 registrations can be done by a single person with the details provided
  • Please thoroughly go through all relevant information given on the event website (www.kalanagri.com) before filling in the registration form
  • Re-entry will not be permitted. Rights of admission are reserved with the organizers
  • Cigarette smoking & consuming tobacco is strictly prohibited in the premises of the venue
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances, if the event gets canceled, the organizers shall not be responsible for any claim, refund or compensation
  • Any type of handbags, water bottles, food, liquor, drugs, arms and ammunition or any other items considered as a threat to the public is not allowed inside the venue
  • While registering, please ensure that all mandatory requirements have been correctly filled. (E-mail addresses, phone numbers are correct)
  • All future communication will be sent to the registered participant via email & SMS
  • You will receive a Confirmation mail once you have registered yourself. That will be the confirmation for your entry in the Kala-Nagri Garba Mahotsav 2018
  • The right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant is at the sole discretion of the event promoters, Kalanagri Cultural Foundation Trust and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances
  • The event organizer has the complete authority to stop any participant from participating who is found medically unfit to participate; as per the opinion of the medical personnel
  • The participant acknowledges that any personal accident and theft/loss of any personal items is his/her sole responsibility
  • Event organizers have all the right to post photographs on website of Kalanagri Cultural Foundation Trust, its Partner organizations and employees will use all the information submitted in the application, and/or my name, photograph, videotape, motion picture recording, voice or likeness for any purpose, including pre-event and post-event publicity. Parking will be allotted on first come first basis
  • With limited parking space, participants are requested to opt for car pool, to avoid parking hassle at the venue
  • Participants are advised not to carry bags or valuable items
  • Please show your ID proof to the courier delivery person. (i.e. Aadhar Card / Election Card / Licence). • Garba participant needs to attach PHOTO ID PROOF (govt. recognized) while filling the form
  • If applicant is below 10 years of age and/or wrong birth date is provided, Kalanagri Cultural Foundation will not be responsible to provide smart card for such false/wrong submission
  • NRI/Outside Vadodara applicants can authorize their relatives or friends in Vadodara to receive the courier delivery of smart card on their behalf by showing the ID proof of the applicant and the authorized person and to bring the registration printout / email
  • Kalanagri Cultural Foundation shall not be responsible to participants / invitees / attendants / viewers for any damage or injury in person or property in the event of any stampede, disruption, civil commotion (riot) caused due to individual quarrel, dispute or act of God / natural events such as rain, fire, earthquake etc
  • Registration is mandatory for every garba participant and he must wear the band/ carry the card at all times
  • Traditional Garba attire (Kurta Pajama or Dhoti) is mandatory for male participants
  • Garba participants must maintain discipline and code of conduct at the ground
  • Garba participants must produce the band/card as and when required by the organizers/volunteers/security
  • Participants found under the influence of alcohol/drugs/misbehaving will be handed over to the police. The band/card will be confiscated and no refund will be given. The management’s decision in this regards will be final
  • The band/card is for personal use of the Garba participant. The band/card is non-transferable. Non- compliance of this will result in confiscation of the band/ card without refund
  • In case of any calamities / rains / fire or other mishaps and legal hurdles, which may cause change of time, cancellation or part cancellation of the festival, the amount is non-refundable
  • Timings of Garba shall be as per government rules and regulations
  • The band/card is property of Kalanagri Cultural Foundation which will be collected back on the last night at the Garba Ground
  • For any dispute or clarifications, the decision of Kalanagri Cultural Foundation shall be final. All legal disputes to Vadodara jurisdiction only
  • Preserve your band/card carefully
  • In case of lost smart card, please inform Kalanagri Cultural Foundation volunteer immediately and you will have to buy the pass on daily basis.
  • All rights of this event are reserved by Markcom Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Kala Nagri Cultural Foundation

Kala Nagri Cultural Foundation of Vadodara is a registered NGO working with the key objective to reinforce the cultural & traditional values of our glorious ethos back to the society, especially to the youth of current generation. 


Kala Nagri Cultural Foundation is an idea to see the India as a World Capital of arts & culture. In the digital edge, we strongly believe that for better tomorrow, we must engage & involve the youth of this generation towards the Cultural values of our glorious ethos.


It's a moment driven NGO led by a group of highly passionate & enthusiastic people of Baroda to see Baroda as Cultural Capital of India. The foundation is blessed by Smt. Seemaben Mohile (M.L.A. - Akota Constituency, Vadodara, Gujarat).

The Leadership


M.L.A. - Akota Constituency, Vadodara, Gujarat



















Contact Us

+91 99044 09307
Ground Floor, Trisha Square 2, Opp. Gujarat Kidney Hospital Besides Hotel GenX, Jetalpur Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara - 390005

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